Friday, November 27, 2009


During last semester, we were given a brief to construct a shelter, or explore the notion of shelter- primarily to present a piece to be shown at the Evoca Festival for Eco-Sustainability, although the latter didn't occur, as My cotribution was far too fragile, the experience was interesting.
I explored the subject through a research of sorts, resulting in a photographic series, hand-bound book of poems, and several small-sculpture works. But the main piece that I developed for the brief was a large scale sculpture collaboration with Deon Robertson, a fellow Ballarat student (and amazing painter)
The shelter collaboration hoped to develop a subtle narrative concerning nature, the organic, human imposition and the subsequent “death” of our original, natural context.
Thereby alluding to the introduction of a man made environment. The use of kinetic art activates the piece- linking it to the external environment and promoting audience participation.
The sculpture draws influence heavily from the work of Gerda Steiner and Jorg Lenzlinger, whilst presenting an intertwined product of both mine and Deon’s style.
Through the use of my knitting and small/found object sculpture and use of mobiles, Deon's bone sculptures, and the inclusion of recycled materials, this is what we came up with or some images of how it progressed - although, I don't have any of the finished piece, it ended up being completely encompassed by glad wrap and lined with an astroturf flooring.

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