Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Beach Combing

Most of my childhood memories revolve somehow around the beach, swimming in the ocean, the stink of seaweed, beach combing for shells, the luminescent white of washed up cuttlefish, rockpooling, spying on crabs, sunbaking til sunset on gigantic rock formations and of course, the nostalgic smell of aloe vera after-sun spray. The majority of these memories occurred on a strip of beaches at Cape Paterson Victoria, which is within 15km of the planned location for a desalination plant.
I'm definately not an environmental scientist, but it has been contested that the introduction of the plant will cause some, if not monumental damage to the coastline, and it's inhabitants. Recently I took a trip down to the coast and took a series of images in order to preserve some of the aforementioned memories, the images were abstracted close-ups, and the final products convey a post-apocolyptic air, a coincidental and poignant effect.

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