Monday, November 23, 2009

I've softened shipwrecks, right from the start.

These are some images of two rather intimate scale sculptures that I recently put together, the idea was to recycle materials that I had previously used, these glass shards were the smashed gin bottles used in the 'Consider Preserved' installation, and the rectangular glass plinths were previously from frames used to house some of my text cross stitch.
I used inks to colour the shards and simply glued them with hot glue, they are difficult pieces to photograph and display, but at some point I'd hope to have them hung, in a window preferably- both my mother and father at some point in time have fiddled with leadlighting, although these structures are fair less durable, and much more three-dimensional than leadlighting, this would probably be as close as I could get to a homage.
When penetrated with light the pieces seem to transfuse and redirect illumination- highlighting their crystallized qualities.

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