Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Consistently Foreshortened

I'm beginning to actually believe in my drawing skills, ever so slightly- probably thanks to actually having a very good teacher who can give heartfelt advice for once- so thanks to too much pudding wine and late night face book chats, I was able to colour this one, despite her mangled feet and strange lack of arms, it's pretty good for a middle of the night touch up!

Monday, March 29, 2010

kitchenette vs. clara

My war with the benchtop oven continued today, with my reluctance to admit defeat - and wa lah! Jaffa cupcakes with orange buttercream - finally something turned out! Now I just have to find people to eat them!

birdcage and daisies

I recently found, and Karl thankfully paid for, a rusted out old birdcage, that I will be using to house a pendant in the end of year show, and as a final piece of my oh ten folio, also, just thought I'd include this gigantic bunch of easter daisies that I got for $3!

No more baking

For some reason, possibly stress, I have completely lost my baking skills- all of a sudden, my once theraputic hobby has become a string of disappointing disasters.. inclusive of these rather bitter, and not so tasty raspberry and dark chocolate cookies, and the above, chocolate friand messes, not to mention the terrible brick like yo-yo's of last weekend. My excuse is my tiny benchtop 'grill oven', but either way it's hearbreaking!


Being rather poor and having friends' birthdays come up can bring about forced creativity, for one of my lovely, and oldest friends, who's now living on the other side of the country, I've spent the last week in transit (on the trams to work or trains to uni) knitting her this multicoloured acrylic mohair scarf, which proved rather difficult at times.
Also, being a little bit sick and having a day to do nothing, I spent some time making her a little cupcake themed bday card with thinned pearlescent inks and embroidered sprinkles! Also, I'm posting her, a new twist on my frenchie pendants.. a little more chunky and a lot more multicoloured..

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bois x 2

This is my second attempt at the flyer for the upcoming Forest Collective and Exaudi Youth Choir gig in May - this time, attempting the very minimal use of illustrator- basic skills, which Karl pretty much did anyway!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Spent some of a lovely afternoon with a lovely companion today- eating orichette, spending far too much $$ on this verterbrae pendant, from Glitzern (might I add, I'm rather fond of their packaging), then headed to ACCA for the New010 show at which we were rather impressed with Susan Jacobs' interactive magnets-in-a-cubby works- then headed to Smith st where I overspent once again on more swarovski crystals and links for the seafood piece, and found this amazing baby rabbit piggy bank!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Back to School

Just some little school babies, and one big, brown baby, from my studio.


Very, very slowly, the seafoods/ocean parts neckpiece that I'm yet to think of a witty title for grows.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Speaking of Sharon, check out this awesome brooch she gifted me (and another lace camisole for my expanding collection) it's one of Sam Woud's creations, doesn't it remind you of the ridiculously metallic sequined accessories your dad used to buy you on the way out of the Melbourne Show, just after the fireworks?! Or maybe that's just me!

Flower Power

Is this not the most insane flower you have ever seen?!
I just bumped into it whilst touring the vintage shops in St. Kilda in order to fritter away the very little dollars I have in procrastination, and aren't I glad that I did!
Whoa, possibly tops the other insane flora related news from yesterday- the fact that Sharon has a grapevine in her new backyard! Urgh jealous of both of these peoples gardens, and my severe lack of (and incidentally inability to even raise a window flower box!)

Celing Rose

And the ceiling rose installation continues to grow, ever so slowly!

Square Glass

These piles of glistening little glass babies are perfect (or almost perfect) squares of smashed car windows that I've been sneakily stealing with my dustpan and brush from the sides of unforunate roads in St. Kilda in order to employ them within installation works this year- the hardest part is sifting through and removing the thousand of tiny gumnuts!

The Commoner in pictures.

Recently, following a brief conversation with my impassioned and dedicated boss (and the owner) Jo Corrigan, I attempted to depict my, so often referred to as charming, place of work, The Commoner, of Fitzroy.
These dimly lit shots attempted to convey the plethora of nuances within this homely and welcoming space that tend to add that indecipherable, secret ingredient to a meal at The Commoner. Inclusive of the curvaceously, piled and poised rippening produce which is constantly residing in the many nooks, the ever-present striations of fresh jazmine and the loosely and subtley strewn apples.

These images were shot on a relatively lazy Sunday afternoon to which the sky boasted a sun of absorbing proportions- fit for the bellies of a thousand cats in slumber. Although, I honestly reccommend The Commoner best served cold- on an incessantly rainy day The Commoner welcomes one with variously patinaed, bric-a-brac arms and fills grumbling tummies with robust, modern British, Moorish foods.
I can guarantee that sucking the guts out of a hot beignet whilst witnessing your not-so-fortunate comrades become soggy outside, beyond your warmly lit reflection, will amend all rainy day blues.

There's a strong impression of inclusiveness and charm through humility imbued within the exposed brick at The Commoner, where the kitchen incessantly endeavour to ignite sustenance related passion (minus the Nigellaesque plunging bossom!)

So I highly encourage those of us lucky enough to attain a Sunday free to drop in and crunch on some of Matt's pork crackling (or whatever deliciousness the woodroast may be!) And you'll most likely see me, probably dropping something or just generally, (mmm working doesn't feel like the right word for it anymore- not in a lazy way) doing what I do on the weekends!!