Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Commoner in pictures.

Recently, following a brief conversation with my impassioned and dedicated boss (and the owner) Jo Corrigan, I attempted to depict my, so often referred to as charming, place of work, The Commoner, of Fitzroy.
These dimly lit shots attempted to convey the plethora of nuances within this homely and welcoming space that tend to add that indecipherable, secret ingredient to a meal at The Commoner. Inclusive of the curvaceously, piled and poised rippening produce which is constantly residing in the many nooks, the ever-present striations of fresh jazmine and the loosely and subtley strewn apples.

These images were shot on a relatively lazy Sunday afternoon to which the sky boasted a sun of absorbing proportions- fit for the bellies of a thousand cats in slumber. Although, I honestly reccommend The Commoner best served cold- on an incessantly rainy day The Commoner welcomes one with variously patinaed, bric-a-brac arms and fills grumbling tummies with robust, modern British, Moorish foods.
I can guarantee that sucking the guts out of a hot beignet whilst witnessing your not-so-fortunate comrades become soggy outside, beyond your warmly lit reflection, will amend all rainy day blues.

There's a strong impression of inclusiveness and charm through humility imbued within the exposed brick at The Commoner, where the kitchen incessantly endeavour to ignite sustenance related passion (minus the Nigellaesque plunging bossom!)

So I highly encourage those of us lucky enough to attain a Sunday free to drop in and crunch on some of Matt's pork crackling (or whatever deliciousness the woodroast may be!) And you'll most likely see me, probably dropping something or just generally, (mmm working doesn't feel like the right word for it anymore- not in a lazy way) doing what I do on the weekends!!

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  1. This is a great post Clara-Emily...
    you writing tops it off beautifully... the moody photos...Id love to go there.