Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Miniature Roses

Could potentially be as cute as miniature sausage dogs- my obsession has increased, and I'm currently buying myself a bunch on a weekly basis- I've discovered that the best way to dry them, is not in fact, in the sunshine on my windowsill, but to just hang them with a scrap of wool.
This way they remain closed, tiny and cute, and hopefully by the end of the tertiary year I'll have thought of some fantastic idea that will involve my many, many dried bouquets!


Whilst hurrying to finish this Italian tweed (a blend of cashmere, silk and wool) scarf last night- intended as a birthday gift for Karl's father, I happened to impale myself on a rather long 4 1/2mm metal needle- after numerous scans and injections I was free to leave the hospital- puncture wound and all.
Just a cautionary tale, for those of us how like to knit and tend to be clumsy/rush around- if you have a needle holder, keep your needles in it, because CRAFT IS DANGEROUS!!

Baked Love

I've been doing quite a bit of baking of late, some 'trial runs' for my Ma's 50th Birthday cake(s) which is coming up this weekend, and some just for general therapy. It's actually really liberating to think "oh I want to eat something sweet tonight" and chuck a few bits and pieces together, and some fresh raspberries that I threw in the freezer the other week on top, and enjoy some delicious home made sweetness (delicious for the most part- the dark chocolate explosions above being an exception!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little Mouse

My mum sewed this little mouse- apparently he's having a pillow fight, not depressed and crying- she actually knitted the jumper and then sewed the jumper onto the embroidered mouse- it's pretty gorgeous and sort of reminds me of the minature gloves knitted by Althea Crome for the film Coraline.

Dixie Cup

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Needle Holder

This is something that I've been meaning to blog about for quite some time- for Christmas my Ma presented me with a handmade knitting needle, or pencil, or brush holder (made by herself of course!)
I believe it's made with vintage Japanese print fabric and retro print quilting fabric. It's rather handy to keep pairs together, as opposed to uninspired rubber bands, and is especially good for making sure that finer needles remain straight!


Just thought I'd post some images of my Frenchie pendants, with Swarovski crystal details, just to be repetitive- after all, blogging is probably better than spending my sleepless evening drawing "i love clara 4eva" tattoos on Karl's sleeping back.

Craft Market @ The Workers Club

Earlier this evening, amongst rivers flowing through my street, fork lightning and stifling humidity Sharon and myself set up a little stall out the back of the Workers Club in Fitzroy, who are holding a quaint yet exciting craft market every Thursday evening for the month of February in addition to the World End's Press residency.
I did make a pretty penny/chat with some lovely friends that I do not see enough/ate bangers and mash with braised red cabbage, so all in all a great evening, omitting the sweatiness.
Pictured is our little stall- everything on the left, of the lightbulbesque variety being Sharons, and the knitted jewels on the right being mine, I can highly reccommend coming down to the next market for some quality craft, cider and bangers of course!

New Friend

I know that they're hungry for clothes, but still cute!


Hypnosis under thinning floral sheets. Slimey flesh spills from torn blubber. Breath stops, eyes water.
Singed nostril hairs and burnt eyelashes. Huntsmans and falling tree branches, on trampolines daydreaming as the stars roll on by.
Rotten apples and hand-crafted mud pies. Oversized shoes, racing cars and Tom Kitten of pink and blue.
Calluses caused by aluminium, humiliating conversation. A small child left unattended in an arrogant room. Envious drooling, eyeballs cast at overpriced leather goods.
Thyme and lavendar, drying from your ceiling rose. Strawberry fields, in glass gravy boats atop your windowsill.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Frenchie Pendants

Head on down to the Workers Club crnr Gertrude and Brunswick Streets, Fitzroy, this Thursday evening (starting 6:30) for an Arts and Craft Market feat. the likes of myself and Sharon Margaret, selling various woolly wares and ceramic bits and bobs for uber cheap!

Otway Trip Part II

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Aimee Brodeur

Every now and then, someones work makes you hang your head in shame, and wonder why on earth you can't arouse ideas like that, it's a rather deflating effect.
But hopefully someone can enjoy these whilst omitting the shrinking feeling. More.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Wet Beach

This week Karl and I went away for a little getaway to Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road, although the weather was rather miserable and we definately didn't get any sunbaking done, we managed to have a lovely time.
We visited the Cape Otway lighthouse, at which I clinged to the red railing for dear life and we also met one Mr. Echidna, and opted for a short bush walk to Lake Elizabeth and a second helping of Devonshire Tea instead of the Otway Fly walk in the wintery rain.
The wintery weather did allow us to regain our fire lighting skills to warm up our villa, and eat rather a lot of comfort food including a three course dinner at the cosy Aire Valley restaurant and guest house- at which our vegetables and herbs were picked to order!