Thursday, February 11, 2010

Craft Market @ The Workers Club

Earlier this evening, amongst rivers flowing through my street, fork lightning and stifling humidity Sharon and myself set up a little stall out the back of the Workers Club in Fitzroy, who are holding a quaint yet exciting craft market every Thursday evening for the month of February in addition to the World End's Press residency.
I did make a pretty penny/chat with some lovely friends that I do not see enough/ate bangers and mash with braised red cabbage, so all in all a great evening, omitting the sweatiness.
Pictured is our little stall- everything on the left, of the lightbulbesque variety being Sharons, and the knitted jewels on the right being mine, I can highly reccommend coming down to the next market for some quality craft, cider and bangers of course!

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