Sunday, November 22, 2009

Refraction of Varnished Thought series #4

Click clack, click clack, click clack.
Always, momentarily, fleeting worry of the aggravation being sparked with the royal blue laced, capsule, indifferent to time and place.
A continuous, learned pattern, hands and fingers, running fast, evoking hypnosis further induced by the bending horizon steering just beyond her futile sight.
Auburn, splotched with cream trots past, shrinking into the distance, majesty amongst infertile land. Devoid of life, red rock and spilt sand lifeless as a undivided blue sky.
Depression drips in through ears and nose, all apetures remain closed. Days crawl by without a spoken word. Madness conquers lined paper in between sheets, every night.
Morning becomes stalked by darkness accompanied by jesters- the slur-mouthed men of last night.

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