Sunday, November 22, 2009

Refraction of Varnished Thought Series #1

Suddenly, from a quasi-translucent slumber, by the bleat of an empty train, hurtling into the distance and slicing through the thick, stale, preparatory air. A slashing that leaves the minute tears of dew, the occupants of fine, chromatic lime saplings, to tremble in its wake.
One gazes at the disc of superseding luminescence, that permits a sharp piercing to the far end of the eye and facilitates the persistent disruption to a tugging ephemeral sleep.
Blindness encompasses, allowing for the insignificance of soft, finite particles to be made evident and mystfied into monumental form under the guise of beams and pools of light.
These gleaming petals shine only now, within this moment, they become acknowledged along with their overwhelming juxtaposition to the rich, all enveloping burnt sienna rain that wells simultaneously in the deep furrow of my collarbone whilst dripping from her longing and engorged fingertips.

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