Sunday, November 22, 2009

Forest Collective

Fortuately, one of my closest friends, is Evan Lawson, an extremely talented Composer, earlier in the year he decided to direct a little group of Melboune-based Musicians and Artists who would soon become known as Forest Collective. I have been affiliated with the group as photographer and artist, focussing on concepts, the production of graphic score and also performance art.
The group serves to facilitate music/art based interactive performances which covey a magic alike no other, whilst acknowledging the importance of audience inclusion. The first time, I witnessed Forest Collective in action was at Guilford Lane Gallery in the Melbourne cbd, the one word that did and will continue to be directly associated with this group in my mind is electric. And three things that any audience member will be guarenteed to experience at a Forest Collective gig, are awe - of the amazing talent and creativity that is occurring before them but more importantly amazement - that somehow their life has lead them to be included in this one of kind experience- a performance that will never occur in the exact same manner again and lastly, a sense of thankfulness- thankfulness of the fact that they were allowed in on this small yet, monumental secret.
So, thank-you Forest Collective.

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