Tuesday, January 19, 2010

You're My Duststorm

This is one of my most successful pieces from 2009, an image taken at Breakneck Gorge in Daylesford, at dusk, just as a hailstorm rolled in. The film that I used was over 5 years old, and had been sitting, patiently in my father's camera case for all of that time, allowing the colours captured to depict a mellowed hue, and an extra grainy texture.
The image could be perceived as apocalyptic, or as a new dawn on the horizon, in person it's quite subdued, and quietly awaits attention.
The solid dark line of the grassy hill ceases to convey any elements of the natural- or of life, instead depicting an angular striation which serves only to crop and juxtapose the bright colours displayed by the unlikely night sky.

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