Monday, January 4, 2010


So, after what seems like years of admiring UK Jewelry label MACHA, precious Karl got me some for my bday!!(photographed on Sharon's amazing wallpaper birthday card)

It's a solid sterling silver band with a big hunking chunk of 18k gold, in place of what would traditionally be a diamond (diamonds really aren't something that I care for!)

Macha caught my eye whilst perusing, the pieces just have a certain kind of quirkiness about them- for instance this Rockwell Range, the idea being so simple, yet so effective- aesthetically, devine and just a little bit different.

I've also noticed some similarities between Macha and Australian designer Lucy Folk, the roughness and strength exuded by my ring is quite similar to that of Folk's Burger Ring necklace, which I actually got for my bday last year (hopefully this is a continuing trend) and Machas Crab Claw pendants parody Folk's Seafood range -although I'm not sure who exactly is doing the mimicking. Either way, I'm not fussed- I find both labels, for the most, drool-worthy.

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