Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've just been inspired by a rather fantastic blog to do a little jewelry post- I don't have that much, and half of what I have is actually just being borrowed from my Ma (who has an overwhelming collection) but I have looked after the special little bits and pieces I've gifted over the years.

Including from top: teeny, tiny white ceramic roses I picked up one day after work from Fat - handmade shards of antique china, coated in silver from my Dadsey - my overworn Lucy Folk burger that I helped my stepdad by for myself for my 21st bday - a pastel blue enamel bangle recently thrifted from Hampton St. Vinnies & recent Christmas silver Coconut Lu received from Ma - Opal, pearl and amethyst bracelet - Karen Walker silver dutch carrot pendant gifted from Ma Christmas before last - an assortment of silver rings including a little silver and black onyx floral number that Karly bought me from the Daylesford Mill - And of course, the Macha Rockwell ring Karly gifted me for my 22nd bday this year! -

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