Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Spencer Finch

This American artist's work first caught my eye whilst I was enduring VCE and producing a neon light installation. His oeuvre adopts mixed media, drawing and lighting installations.
Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the 2009 QLD exhibition: Spencer Finch: As if the Sea Should Part and Show a Further Sea. It was heartbreaking stuff.
And on reading of the giant light filter he had employed in order to depict a sense of light that would parody that of his candle-lit New York apartment deflating images were burnt into my corneas!
If only! The idea of using scientific and mathematic light meters and recorders in order to re-create exact sunsets/sunrises, at exact points in time from specific locations within a gallery context, for the enjoyment/scrutiny of possibly unaware strangers is just incredible! I cannot wait until I can smell one of these in person.

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