Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Julia DeVille

Julia DeVille is a Melbourne artist working in taxidermy and Jewelery, after coming across her work in the late (or should I say, "on hiatus" yet, brilliant) ART WORLD magazine along side the likes of Polly Morgan, and then bumping into her work at RMIT Gallery's hosting of the international jewelery exhibtion Schmuck 2009 I became utterly smitten.
Indeed, the recent Cineraria exhibition held at Sophie Gannon Gallery in Richmond, solidified the one-way love affair! Not only the obvious connotations of using (especially very young) animals in works, but coupled with her use of accompanying text, black glitter, and ever-so subtlely included jewels- garnets and onyx especially, made this exhibition one of my favourites, right up there with Henson's retrospective in 2005. (Although I really do belive that DeVilles pieces deserve a much less white and bright atmosphere than what was on offer at Sophie Gannon- my imagination was able to stretch enough to accommodate for this lack.)
DeVille's work has inspired me to use some dead bits and pieces this year (not to mention tear-drop crystals), although taxidermy is a little further down the horizon line, bones and found bones will be employed. Yet, if ever I am able to conceive and produce anything close to these powerful and poignant pieces, I'll die a happy lady.

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