Sunday, January 3, 2010

A little birthday, a big rose bush!

So yesterday was my 22nd birthday- the majority of which I spent slugging it out behind an espresso machine (although, "slugging" is probably not the correct term- it was actually a rather enjoyable day!) and in the evening a small group of the most important/amazing people shared with me, a few drinks at Workshop and then Madame Brussels.

Lemon cupcakes with hot pink icing were had, and I received some of the most devine gifts including, gold knitted nipple tassels (!!!!) handmade for me by Sharon, a gorgeous little notebook and floral (yes!) scarf from Luci, a seriously indulgent spa voucher from the Alber clan, and a super oversized bunch of long-stem white roses from the Alber prince himself.
Ma and Steve also helped out with a fancy new compact camera, (not to mention the Aesop and Clinique bits and pieces) and Pa gave me some $$$ which contributed to my new scanner!

All in all a great day was had, concluding with my favourites- pizza, Grand Designs, a quick knit and cuddles with Karly!

Alas, another year older- seriously noticing the increase in crows feet as I got up this morning!!
But, the journey continues this week I'm sure, with Grizzly Bear on Tuesday, hopefully Heathers at Rooftop Cinema on Thursday, and baking on Friday for the fantastic birthday picnic to be had next weekend! In between all of those delightful events I'll be shopping for picnic supplies, searching op shops for platters etc, somehow coming up with awesome finger food recipes other than the traditional Devils on Horseback and hopefully a little bit of craft!

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  1. Beautiful pics.. it was an honour to get to spend some of your birthday with you hun, I'm so happy you had a good day!