Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So come on summer

Summer this year, seems to be excruciatingly slow to start - that may be because I've been totally run down with a hideous flu, or because I am yet to purchase a bike helmet and have been filled with a fear of not wearing one (not to mention that my bike lock has been swallowed up by my black abyss of a house), or that I'm preferring to concentrate on my practice instead of drunken evenings, either way, I'm not sure where summer has got to?
I want more daylong adventures, with Karl, and our imaginary minature Dashunds - Elias and Leland :) days inclusive of picnics, and bike riding, and foraging through forests, maybe even a boat ride.
Here are some images from past adventures/ picnics, hopefully these will prompt summer to hurry up and my flu to evacuate!

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