Tuesday, December 8, 2009


In consideration of the fact that I currently have no digital camera, or access to a scanner (not to mention the fact that I'm much too congested for photography at the moment anyway!) - two ailments that I'm hoping Santa will cure. I think I may as well begin on the inspiration element- Gerda Steiner & Jorg Lenzlinger are Swiss artists who "create site- specific fantasties ad interactive wonderlands that are an adaptation of nature through synthesis."

When I read about, and ultimately saw this duo's latest Australian show at ACCA at the beginning of the year, I was obviously blown away- not to even begin mentioning the elaborate installation which popped out at the end of a ten metre long goon sack tunnel, but water beds in a centred room occupied by ephemeral projections, hypnotic kinetic pieces, 30kg meteorites suspended centimetres from the audiences' faces, uplifting photography AND two leaves supposedly grown from a desalination plant for tears!

"The Water Hole" felt like an giant release of something waiting inside of myself- a sort of "thank god!" moment.
The exhibition, couldn't even be described, I'd love to attempt to analyse what I had the pleasure of experiencing about a year ago, but I won't, in hopes to not tarnish the memories I have of pure elation and weightlessness gazing up at a subtly churning dream.
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