Monday, December 14, 2009

On The Other Side

You are an oversized knot in my stomach. A high pitched digression from a cowardly throat. Wishing for slumber, sleeplessness exaggerates. Wishing to be on the other side of your demands. You're not making much sense from so far away, your words distorted, mouth slurred. Through the distance I can make out your tiny silhouette. I know you're here before I get where I'm going, I know why I'm coming there, even just to see your face. Your laughter breaks my heart. How much of it have I missed out on? Heartbroken ignorance. But I'm only doing what you wanted. A swollen thumb, a bandaged forehead. Black vinyl and soiled denim on dirty floors beneath our feet. The sould of those patent leather abominations separate me from the reality which in unfolding infront of my shaky eyes. Significantly, you shy away from my touch. In a dark room in a huge bed you're slinking away and I'm lost for words. An opportunity for nothingness just slightly out of reach. A developmental journey through what I had perceived to be a memoir. Footsteps close in on us and the moment is snatched from my frozen fingertips. Too much said last night. So I shall drink some more. I shall love them all. One by one torn down like dominos. When were you waiting? What was it that swelled and spewed from your glass? Molecules reacting and gravitating away from the earth. And the dirty linoleum beneath. Repression is overwhelmed by a forcefulness and terrific confusion.

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