Monday, December 21, 2009

Nicholas Hlobo

Recently, I opened Surface Design magazine, to have revealed to me rather a wealth of inspiration, although I definately could not afford Borders' brutually over priced $27.95 price tag (as opposed to an American $10) I was able to jot down a few names .. Nicholas Hlobo was one of the them- his work with fabrics, and sewing/stitching, using found materials to create three dimensional, highly textured hanging pieces, small sculptures and installation are intriguing and luxurious.
Through the use of satin ribbons he alludes to the feminine and domestic, and juxtaposes these elements with references to male sexuality and phallus with use of found objects inclusive of inner tyres.
Hlobo is an male South African artist employing methods culturally associated with women, he explores themes including culture, sexuality, ethinicity, race and gender.
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