Thursday, December 31, 2009

Santa Clara

This year (or last I should say) I actually put a gigantic effort into Christmas- I decided rather than spending big $$ on locally designed jewelry, which has been something I've done in past years, I made alot of presents, including hand-sewn and embroidered tote bag "stockings" from vintage quilt covers.
The stockings were stuffed with bought bits and pieces including Loccitane and Acca Pacca fragrances, novelty knitting needles, Aesop soaps and hand balms, Tea Too teas, books, calendars and Baker de Chirico (amazingly packaged) nougats.
Along with all of these goodies I packed hand-sewn and embroidered journal covers- fit with names, from flannelettes and floral quilting fabrics, felt teddies and a little teabag softie for Mum. (I actually remembered the pattern from a book I saw but unfortunately cannot remember the name of)
I spent far too long on wrapping- using a whole Acne Paper and Mousse magazine (expensive wrapping paper I know!), making small tags accentuated with gold pigment and black ink names, and a whole heap of wool (as ribbon) of course!
All in all it was a good day, spent with kind people eating delicious foods- I got some really gorgeous presents including a surprise Coconut Lu bracelet from Ma, but, presents aside- Thank God it's over for another year!!!

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