Thursday, June 24, 2010

Skully Wuggle

This week has been extremely productive - I've finished the topside of the baby quilt, organized alternatives to casting my bones (here seen in gesso process), taken numerous photos and numerous more shall be taken over the next 7 days and started on a new embroidery/wrote a few more pieces of prose that are waiting to be embroidered!

In the remnant of the study break I intend to finish the embroideries/quilt, take way more photos ready to have printed, source the presentation bits and pieces, consult with a neon maker, re-think and produce an alternative to the rose ceiling piece - thanks to a rather abrupt flourishing of kinetic works within my class.... mmmm let's not talk about it... re-develop the memoirs of flotsam and jetsam pieces, and at some point in time get to all of the bajillion awesome shows on in Melbourne at the moment! Excited much?!

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