Thursday, June 17, 2010

Seven Thousand Oaks Festival -ADAPTATION

Last night I attended the opening event of the 2010 Seven Thousand Oaks Festival at Guilford Lane Gallery that consisted of an exhibtion opening, the show entitled Adaptation, while I initially thought the opening was part of the Utopian Slumps initiative, I was pleasantly surprised by what I found.

To be honest, I wasn't being very attentive - celebrating end of exams - and I didn't do too much looking or figuring out whose work was whose, what I did do though, was feel and smell and be so utterly invigorated by what I experienced. The top images refer to what I believe is Brie Trenerry's work, (I'm terribly sorry if I'm incorrect, and I will be going back to check it out properly) a kind of jellified water and astroturf/flurescent light garden with real growing flowers! I'm not sure how long this garden will last, or if it will grow but I make another assumption in thinking that this process is probably the point!
The below images I believe is the work of Tim Cracker - a transparent partition made from dried fennel? The viewer was encouraged to grope and smell the materials and they smelt delicious! Okay, maybe that's going too far, and maybe it's very naughty to have not paid more attention, but I loved the show and highly recommend it and that anyone else who views it pays more attention than I did!

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