Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kim Anderson

I recently popped into the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery to see the work of my Art Theory tutor Kim Anderson - the exhibition titled A Natural Comparison - encompasses a series of black and red extremely fine and detailed drawings.
The drawings examine the fine detail and juxtaposition/similarities of depictions of anatomical images and natural ephemera, the latter consisting of dried leaves and branches etc. Obviously inspired by both botanical and anatomical drawing the pieces work to discover and convey the beauty inherent within the natural environment and also raises questions regarding death (through the depiction of various bone structures) possibly implying associations between death and nature within our increasingly environmentally concerned conscious.
In short, the work abosultely blew me away, the stunning (and beautiful although it's not my favourite word) attention to detail, coupled with the cold and formal titles creates an interesting dichotomy and I'm intending to go back to view the images with my glasses on - they are that intricate! The exhibition runs until 30th July at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery on Lydiard Street.

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