Monday, May 3, 2010

You'll have to excuse me.

I just thought I should offer some form of explanation for the sporadic food posts and lack of any new works posted on here of late- no, I'm not slowly amending this blog into a badly photographed food one. I'm simply suffocating under a pile of huge books with glossy colour pages and huge chunks of lemon coloured journal articles, as I have a few major theory assignments due..

However, as soon as they are complete I'll be rushing to compile some sort of visual contribution to the upcoming Forest Collective show, Bois. Rushing to this (Ah I've been looking forward to this since my mother cut out and posted me the clipping from the age requesting daschunds- and shattered my dream with the realization that unless my dog is snuggling on my lap, or doing sausage rolls, she's far too badly behaved to take part) and many other shows that are part of the upcoming New Wave Festival, checking out as many shows, in general, as I possibly can and more importantly jumping right into gilding this teeny skull, taking a quick trip to my hometown for the development of a series of "self-portraits" consisting mostly of furniture and architecture and lastly, lining my birdcage with faux grass! See you soon! (Oh and still waiting to get my CRAFTS magazine in the post, will report back when I do!)

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