Friday, July 2, 2010

With Glass

At the beginning of the year I collected and cleaned a heck of a lot of smashed windscreen glass from sides of roads around my area, I was planning to use them in an installation at the end of the year- accompanying my baby quilt actually.
But as soon as I brought them into the studio, another student literally grabbed hold of my idea and has used them in a series of photographs, therefore, I haven't been able to use them at all, despite it originally being my idea and the object containing symbolism appropriate to my work.
In short, I've had to abandon the material, and find something else, which I won't be bringing into the studio, and thought that I would take some shots with the glass, just for fun, here are the more succesful ones - I was reinterpreting and old idea, having had adopted similar compositions in my manipulated Japanese novella piece from 2009.

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