Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sarah CrowEST

I briefly checked out the happenings at Linden today, and Sarah CrowEST has some seriously intriguing and awesome sculpture/ceramic/figurine kind of things on show at the moment - glitter ah! And although I couldn't find any appropriate images, it was a pretty exciting exhibition, I loooveee seeing interesting contemporary ceramics in real life (as opposed to craft/art magazines) I studied ceramics as a brief minor in my first year at UB, and I really think that the lecturer stuffed up by not showing us much contemporary ceramics- instead we were told to research makers like Picasso and Rudy Autio - there is so much awesome ceramic stuff going on out there and if only we'd had a helping hand in finding it there might've been a lot more ceramic majors graduating this year!

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  1. i put some images of Linden show on my website